Dynamic Currency Conversion

More revenue for you, better service for your customers.

What Is DCC?

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is a service that enables international Visa® and MasterCard® cardholders the choice to pay the bill in their own currency rather than the local currency.

DCC from Merchant Hub can convert MasterCard® and Visa® credit and debit transactions in up to 64 currencies — more than any other payment processor — you have more opportunity to grow revenue with us. With each DCC transaction, you receive a rebate—which means the more international business you do, the more you can earn.

Your international customers are able to pay in their own currency, and their receipt shows the amount in your currency, the customer's home currency and the conversion rate. They know exactly what they're paying and what they'll see on their card statement when they get home. Merchant Hub manages the entire conversion process for you: from direct treasury exchange rates and transaction processing, to back-end reconciliation, settlement, funding, and support.

Benefits For Your Business

  • - Terminal automatically detects eligible cards and alerts you to the fact that the transaction amount can be converted
  • - Can help to reduce disputes and chargebacks (because the amount on the receipt matches that on the cardholder's statement)
  • - Consolidated reporting
  • - Simple staff training and support
  • - Better service to your international customers
  • - Best Rate Guarantee, so you can assure your customers that they're getting the best exchangerate

Benefits For Your Cardholders

  • - Cardholders know exactly how much they're paying in their own currency
  • - No hidden fees or surprises on their card statement
  • - Competitive exchange rates
  • - Available for card-present, card-not- present and online transactions
  • - Our Best Rate Guarantee; in the unlikely event that your customer would have been charged a cheaper rate by their card issuer, Elavon will refund the difference.

DCC Currency List

Our DCC solution supports up to 64 currencies depending on your location and point of sale environment. See our currency list of the worldwide currencies available through DCC.

  • Grow your revenue

    Receive a rebate on every DCC transaction

  • Keeps it simple

    Your monthly statement shows the DCC rebate earned in your own currency

  • Accept payments in up to 64 currencies

    Merchant Hub offers more DCC currencies than any other payment processor

  • Easy for staff

    The terminal determines which cards qualify for DCC

  • Best rate guarantee

    Offer your customers the DCC Best Rate Guarantee. Peace of mind for your customer.

How Our Best Rate Guarantee Makes the Difference

Our DCC service makes sure your customers pay the best exchange rate possible. In the unlikely event that your customer would have been charged a lower exchange rate by their card issuer, Merchant Hub will refund the difference.