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NFS Hospitality

In the fast-paced hospitality industry, NFS's hospitality ePOS is tailored for diverse operational needs. They offer Aloha's enterprise-grade restaurant EPOS software solutions, ideal for multi-site and multi-location businesses. For those seeking a balance between affordability and advanced features, their Cloud POS stands out as a stellar choice, catering to both single-site establishments and expansive chains.

Reliabl - Easy to use - Immediate ROI

Aloha EPOS

Aloha provides a software system that streamlines, simplifies, and enhances the management of your restaurant, whether it's a standalone location or part of a multi-site chain.

What Can NFS Aloha Provide for Your Business?

Aloha's Guest Management

Aloha Guest Manager enhances seating efficiency by aligning party sizes with table availability, maximizing revenue. It provides live updates on guest flow and allows for targeted communication, while also offering insights into guest behavior to personalize service and improve wait time management.

Web-Based Reporting from Aloha

Aloha’s Restaurant Pulse provides remote, real-time access to crucial operational data via web-based reporting. It allows you to monitor labor costs, revenue, and detect any unusual activities promptly to prevent fraud and manage customer feedback effectively.

Payment Solutions

Merchant Hub offers secure payment processing for Aloha that supports fast and secure debit and credit card transactions. Aloha's mobile payment integration facilitates convenient payments, contributing to a potential increase in profits through quicker table turnover.

Stock Control

Aloha’s integrated Menu link back office system streamlines inventory management, with purchase forecasting and real-time reporting. It offers cost analysis, alerts for discrepancies, and connects with external systems, helping to prevent loss and manage stock efficiently.

Staff Management

Aloha’s Scheduler optimizes staff scheduling to control costs and maintain customer satisfaction. It offers detailed reporting for labor management, interactive scheduling tools, and integrated payroll processing, all designed to increase productivity without additional IT expenses.

Customer Loyalty & Marketing

Aloha's software cultivates customer loyalty with detailed data capture for targeted marketing, offering customizable reward programs and promotions across various platforms, including social media. This system reduces administrative tasks and enhances customer engagement and retention.

Mobile Ordering with Aloha

Aloha's mobile ordering system allows staff to take orders, issue bills, and process payments right at the table, boosting efficiency and sales opportunities. This system is compatible with popular devices like iPads and Orderman devices.

Advantages of NFS Aloha Restaurant Management Systems

  • Tableside Ordering and Payment: Streamline the dining experience with tableside ordering and fast payments.

  • Online Order Management: Seamlessly manage online orders, enhancing customer convenience and increasing order volumes.

  • Up to Date Sales Information: Stay informed with up-to-date sales data, invaluable for swift decision-making.

  • Optimized Operations: Elevate operational efficiency with superior staff and stock management tools.

  • Easy Reservations: Simplify the reservation process for your guests with the integrated online reservation system.

  • Strategic Outreach: Engage customers effectively with targeted marketing initiatives.

  • Stellar Service: Elevate guest experiences with exceptional customer service.

Order & Pay with Cloud POS by NFS

Cloud POS GO offers a comprehensive cloud-based solution for 'order & pay-at-the-table' services. It's an optimal blend of security and convenience, designed to enhance table turnover and tip amounts, minimize wait durations, and boost overall customer contentment. Enjoy complete mobility with integrated Wi-Fi and GPRS capabilities

  • Streamlined Operations: Cloud POS GO offers a pay-at-the-table technology, allowing guests to order and pay at their convenience.

  • Faster Service: Minimize wait times and offer quality service without extra staffing. Ensure a quicker order, service, and checkout process.

  • Optimal Table Turnover: Empower guests with a responsive experience, resulting in swifter table turn times.

  • Diverse Payment Options: Accommodate an array of payment methods, including EMV, swipe, NFC (like Apple Pay and Google Pay), and mobile wallets, all under a transparent transaction history umbrella.

  • Data Protection: Uphold security with end-to-end encryption, data tokenization, and integrated EMV chip sensors.

  • Contactless Convenience: Prioritize safety with minimal physical interaction, offering options like SMS, Email, or table-side printed receipts.

  • Enhanced Tips: Facilitate the tipping process, making it quick and easy for guests.

Why Choose Cloud POS GO?

It’s more than just a POS; it's a dining experience enhancer. Cloud POS GO merges convenience, style, and security. It's a comprehensive restaurant management tool, eliminating the need for scattered third-party integrations and it is integrated seamlessly with Merchant Hub's industry leading payment processing.

Cloud POS is also cross-platform adaptable which ensures you have options to tailor solutions for your business, whether it's pay-at-the-table, mobile ordering, self-service kiosks, or customer-facing displays.

Seamlessly integrate top-tier payment services with NFS Aloha & Cloud Go. Call us today!

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