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Together we serve a greater value

The end result is a loyal customer base & revenue growth.

Merchant Hub securely handles over $4 billion worth of commerce annually. We make card payments secure and easy for your client so you can grow your relationships and your revenue with our latest payment technologies.

We leverage business partnership

Let’s build a partnership to grow our businesses. Our win-win offering includes:
Revenue Share

We offer revenue share opportunities for all merchant accounts boarded to Merchant Hub.

Revenue Growth

Compelling financial arrangement that brings long-term value as well as residual income over the term of our relationship.

High Retention

We have a high retention rate of customers. This means you enjoy the benefits of residual for a longer time.


We address the needs of nearly every industry, thanks to our comprehensive array of merchant transaction processing solutions.

Reach out to all

Expand your ability to serve nearly every industry and process transactions for all merchant categories.

The latest technology, a wide range of payment solutions

Offer a greater breadth of products and services with the latest technology and security trends. We only offer top-quality terminals and payment software.

Online Portfolio Management

We will give you online access to view your revenue and portfolio activity.

CRM Integration

Onboard your clients digitally with flexible CRM integration, including semi-integrated and turn-key hosted solutions.

Highest Security

Our card processing network comes with the most advanced payment tokenization, security, and authentication.

ePOS Systems

We are partnered with leading ePOS providers delivering a range of solutions.

On-site technical support

With our superior customer support, we make sure your client’s technical issues are resolved quickly, effectively and on-site when needed.

DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion)

Let your clients offer their “international cardholders” the ability to pay in their own currency and for every DCC transaction they receive a rebate along with Merchant Hub which ultimately grows your revenue.

We offer the power of our high expertise and versatile service to help our business partners empower their clients with the best merchant service experience.

We elevate your clients

Your clients' benefits:
The Best rate for your client

We have one of the most competitive rates in the industry. Customers love it.

Contact-free order & pay platform

Guests simply scan the table QR code to browse our clients’ own branded digital menu and complete their order contact-free.

Variety of Payment Solutions under one roof

All card types and all payment methods including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), Multiple Currency Conversion (MCC), all under one merchant service provider.

Backed with Newest Payment Technologies

We offer a wide variety of latest tech smart terminals with all the latest payment methods.

Funding Transparency

Funds delivered on the same day or the next. With our “Online Activity Management” tools, your clients can reconcile their funds, monitor their transactions and manage chargebacks seamlessly.

Wide range of integrations

Whether your client has an e-commerce or an in-store operation, our integration solutions with prominent EPOS solutions and shopping carts will leverage your proposition.

Highest Security

Processing over our high-secure network.

Superior Customer Support

We work alongside your clients to resolve their issue quickly and effectively. During the business hours, a technician will be ready to send out to them right away.

Comprehensive, actionable data reporting

We make card payments significantly easier and clearer for your clients so they have more time to do what they love.

Multi-National Presence

If your client has multinational presence, We’ve got EU passport and more. We can support card payments solution within the whole EEA-Zone, United States of America, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and Brazil.