Simple Pricing, no hidden fees, no commitments

Find the plan that’s right for you, priced for businesses of any size


Cafes, quick serves & food trucks,clothing & book stores, thrift & gift shops

£49.99/ month

For the first device

*Excludes VAT

£24.99/ mo. for each additional device


Full service restaurants and bars & full service retail businesses

£69.99/ month

For the first device

*Excludes VAT

£29.99/ mo. for each additional device



Manage multiple locations across a single system

Inventory Management

Create item variations, add ons, exclusions, and discounts

Employee Management

Manage employee timesheets, clock in, set access and permissions

Order and Payments

Accept multiple payment forms, split checks, apply tips, accept signatures

Reporting and Insights

Automatically track revenues, sales by product & employee, report taxes

Customer Manager

Create customer profiles, view past sales and order histories

Cash Drawer Management

Manage multiple cash drawers, track no sales payouts, drops & pay-ins

Remote Support

Account set up, training, and ongoing 24/7 online and phone support

Inventory Alerts

Set up thresholds to notify users when inventory levels are low

Purchase Orders

Automatically create and send POs to vendors when inventory is low

Stock Take

Perform an inventory check using the talech app or dashboard

Inventory Log

Automatically track and report on inventory changes per product


Submit orders by course

Split and merge orders*

Select multiple items and move to a new or existing order

Automatic Discounts*

Set a discount to trigger at fixed times of the day or days of the week

Automatic service charge*

Apply an automatic service charge based on number of guests

Table Positions*

Assign order items and split checks by table position

Table Layout*

View open and seated tables, assign tables, and start orders