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Tailor Your Customer Journey
at Every Touch Point

Smart integration in a complex customer relationship

We offer flexible integration options to tailor the merchant services experience across your customer touchpoints. This enables a streamlined customer experience while giving you greater control over this complex relationship. Strengthen customer engagement throughout their journey by using our merchant services.

Safeguarding Your Reputation

We make every effort to protect your most valuable asset: your reputation. This drives us to provide excellent service, not just focus on monetary gain.

Our Pledge

Our policies, processes, and culture exist to ensure your institution makes a favorable impression during every client interaction we facilitate.

Personalized Support

Each of our partner institutions and their customers are assigned a dedicated support associate who is an expert in their field. Your dedicated associate will provide comprehensive assistance to ensure you and your customers have an unparalleled service experience.

A Merchant Service forged for financial institutions

Our merchant services are designed specifically for financial institutions. We understand the distinct requirements, preferences, and reputations of financial institutions. For this reason, we have customized our offerings to deliver powerful payment processing that aligns perfectly with your organization.

Referral Partner Program

Our Referral Partner Program at Merchant Hub offers comprehensive sales and support services. We take care of everything, from sales and implementation to deployment and ongoing assistance. You will have a dedicated point of contact for personalized support.

Hybrid Partner Program

Our Hybrid Partner Program is ideal for partners who want more involvement than a referral model, but does not want to handle all customer service in-house. Merchant Hub manages customer support so you can focus your efforts on growing your portfolio.

​Agent Partner Program

Our Agent Partner Program provides additional control over sales and customer service. We recognize that every partner has specific needs, so we will tailor a program to meet your requirements. While you manage daily operations, our support team is always on hand to assist your team.